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Founded by a team of serious professionals with over forty (40) years each in the acting and acting education business, Tampa Actors School is destined to become the Florida alternative to Los Angeles and New York as a starting point for new actors.

 Tampa Actors School agrees with the UTA HAGEN quote that "we must overcome the notion that we must be robs you of the chance to be extraordinary and leads you to the mediocre".  The TAS system is designed to develop the young actor so that they will have a skill that cannot be challenged by the untrained actor.  This
is accomplished by recruiting superior students.  Then, the superior young actor is taught by an instructor with degrees, teaching experience, union affiliation (SAG, AFTRA, EQUITY) and work experience in union sanctioned television, movie, and commercials.  Coupled with access to top Hollywood agents and managers, TAS students have a better success rate.

  TAS works with male actors and female actors.  TAS takes on child actors, teen actors, pre-teen actors, and adult actors. TAS has full time acting classes and part time acting classes.  TAS has affordable payment plans.  Call for a free audition to determine you or your child's eligibility today...

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