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Frequently Asked Questions About TAS.

1.  What are you?

TAMPA ACTORS SCHOOL is an institution that develops kids, children, pre-teens, teens, and adults for television shows, movies, and commercials. TAS management has been doing this for almost forty years.  The TAS goal is to give each client the best chance to be on a television show, commercial or be in a movie within a year from 
you  or your child becoming a client.

2.  How old do you have to be?

TAS accepts clients as young  age 7 provide that they are excellent readers. Exceptions can be made for younger ages that can prove that they can read.  Parents can help their child in this area by turning off the TV and reading to them for thirty(30) minutes nightly.


3.  How can I or my child get on TV?

First, you need to spend some time on camera in a practice situation.  Then, you need to develop some skill.  This sounds simple.  A union sanctioned television show (think ZACK AND CODY or CSI/MIAMI)  costs about a $100,000.00 per hour to film (exclusive of cast).  That's right...... a hundred thousand an the casting director who is required to post a performance bond is NOT going to hire a newcomer with NO experience for any role. If he does and you fail...he is responsible for repaying the bonding company.  Nobody would be that crazy.

so, you need to be taught by someone with real skill to get good enough to be hired..  our instructors have master's degrees in film or theater, are in the union, have had speaking roles in union sanctioned movies, commercials and television shows, have taught before and have passed a criminal background test. 

(note:  extras are not actors, if you are being taught by a human prop, you will never succeed.  Just look them up on IMDB...if their name is not listed with the credited cast...ask for a refund and quit)

4.  Will you be my agent?

no, this is a conflict of interest.  We bring in top agents from HOLLYWOOD to view our students. Agents are experts at finding work for their clients.  TAS is the expert at teaching you how to become a better actor.


5.  Are you a modeling school, too?

No, TAS feels that modeling cannot be taught.  You either have the look or you do not.  Most modeling schools teach grooming.  TAS is a real school for special talented actors that want to succeed.


6.  Since TAS is in do i make in in HOLLYWOOD?

TAS brings the top agents and managers from HOLLYWOOD, california  to Florida to look at our talented students.  This cost is built into our pricing schedule.  You do not have to pay thousands to attend a convention like  modeling schools and some of the agencies push on you. 


7.  How do i get started?

TAS is not for everyone.  Just call today and set up a time for a free audition to assess your skills now.  The session is free, takes about a half hour, is not degrading or demeaning and is a lot of fun.  You can reach us at 727 452 2161 at our Clearwater office.


8.  My family is not rich?

For the money, TAS is the best value in the country.  TAS accepts credit cards and can set monthy payments that are in reach for virtually every family.

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